Friday, December 6, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 12/6

SHEMAR MOORE tweeted a photo yesterday of Paget Brewster,
who is back at work on "Criminal Minds" for a guest appearance.
It warmed our hearts to see her again. She's a favorite of many
LOVING MOORE AND MORE members, and a lot of us are
Morgan/Prentiss shippers.

Unfortunately, our dreams  of a Derek/Emily romance were dashed two years
ago when Prentiss took a job in England, and Paget moved on to other things.

Now Morgan has taken up with his neighbor lady, some drop-dead gorgeous
doctor named "Savannah." Dang the luck! Emily's back and Derek's taken.

Dare we hope, at least, for a bit of the old magic when she and Morgan see
each other again?  Writers, pleeeeze! They did have some marvelous chemistry.

In fact, we kind of thought that SHEMAR and Paget looked good together, too.
Then she went and got engaged to a musician, Steve Damstra.

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