Monday, September 9, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/9

We've long enjoyed the older brother relationship Derek Morgan
had with Spencer Reid on CRIMINAL MINDS.

Here, Reid and Prentiss are teasing Morgan about his flirtation
with Jordan Todd. Our boy clearly looks verrrry embarrassed.

When Reid was infected with anthrax, it was loyal Derek who
was at his side when he woke up, although he was chowing down
on Reid's jello.

A light moment in an otherwise dark program was when Reid
and Morgan were trapped in an elevator together. 

A bit of advice from big brother, Morgan? 

Great moment from Season 8 when Reid scores the winning run for the 
BAU's softball team!

Only 16 more days until the CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 Premier. 
So looking forward to our weekly dose of Derek/SHEMAR MOORE. 


  1. Amazing Moments. I Can't Wait for Season 9.

  2. Amazing moments. I Can't Wait for Season 9.