Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 8/20

It has been awhile since we have celebrated a SHEMAR MOORE
body parts, so today we feature a part that is often overlooked.

~The Obliques~

Do you remember this scene from Season One of CRIMINAL MINDS
where Derek Morgan was bandaging a taser injury?

It was the first of very few episodes that have given us a glimpse of
SHEMAR/Derek's fine, toned body.

The oblique muscles might also be called "the love handles" because
their position makes them convenient to hang on to during sex. 

Here SHEMAR shows off the obliques at a fan event in
Japan a couple of years ago.

LOVING MOORE appreciates all of SHEMAR'S awesome body
parts, but most of all, we appreciate SHEMAR.

Love you, Baby Boy!

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